The Business


Our business has it's roots with the J. A. Wiley Co, Jeff's grandfather's commercial flooring business in Portland. Working at J. A. Wiley is where Jeff learned about terrazo flooring and started working with stone. When the J. A. Wiley company closed in 1985 Tim Wiley, Jeff's brother took over Stone Center Inc, an off-shoot of the original company, focused on fabricating and installing natural stone. During this time Jeff was living in Montana with his wife and young children. He returned to Portland to work for his brother Tim in 1990. While working with his brother Jeff learned the skills we use today in the modern industry. Jeff saw a need for a specialized contractor to work exclusively in repairing and re-finishing natural stone in the Portland area. He founded Wiley's Marble Restorations in 1997. After only a few years he quickly realized how much he enjoys the work. Customers come to him with unique and obscure problems. Jeff enjoys using creativity and experimentation to find unique solutions to unique problems and in general just enjoys helping people out. Jeff has taught his children the problem solving skills and over the years they have become an essential part of his business.

Our Family

We feel truly lucky to have great family. Working together each day and accomplishing projects together enhances our understanding of each other, our strengths and weaknesses. It is because we each bring to this company our best selves in earnest effort to achieve success that we can trust wholeheartedly in each other. When working with us you may meet, Jeff (Dad-boss), Boua (Jeff's wife and better half), Jaron (Jeff's son), and Jenifer (Jeffs daughter). Having such a tight knit crew is one of the reasons we are able to provide reputable service over the years. We look forward to meeting you.